Monday, July 12, 2010

An Excuse for Photos

Belated birthday and holiday celebrations took us to John and Cheryl's for a perfect weekend of paella and poker.

Next weekend Monty enjoyed the honor of marrying long time friend Brian and Lori. The practice did make perfect. Great ceremony and terrific party.

The following weekend we went to Camarillo to celebrate Gpa Larry's 92nd! I must have been channeling Gramma Gyda (Larry's mom) as I turned out some of the best lefsa (thin thin thin potato crepe) I have every made, a nostalgic favorite of Larry's.

Next Friday was graduation. It was a snapshot frenzy! I passed out diplomas to seven very accomplished students of mine.

The following day we celebrated the end of school with our first mini run. Crazy fun! Check out the route!

Right on the heels of that was Monty's birthday celebration. We had so much fun I barely picked up the camera. Sleeping nine in this tiny house filled every room! (Well, 10 if you count the treasured fish between the K buddies.) And we can have a big sit down dinner in this little house - Max, Katie, Mom, John, Cheryl, Alex, Stu, Ginnie, Hailey, Karlie, Kaitlin, and the two of us all at one big table. Hurrah!

Then up to Incline Village for the fourth to celebrate with Stu and Ginnie and a passel of their friends.

And just yesterday, Alex, his children, Chase and Zoe, and Iris joined us for a BBQ and a little canoeing at China Camp.

Alex and I padded out to Rat Rock and were rewarded with a view of this guy! An oystercatcher. A first for both of us!

Not bad for the end of school!