Friday, August 27, 2010


Eight days as substitute mom! Pretty Intense! Hyper Vigilance! and Lots of Fun.

We played . . .

With hair!

A popular part.

Couldn't talk Hailey into the swings.

But Kaitlin was all for them!

This is the do for Jo! She loves this look!
With Food!

This is the Apple Gallette the night before Max and Katie took off.

Next we made a Rice Krispie Treats calendar to mark the days until Mom came back.

Each mixed her own gooey bowl.

This is what the calendars looked like with just two days to go.

Next day we made a batch of eggless oatmeal cookies.

While the kids and some neighbors played outside, I set up the cooking stations.
Pretty simple recipe as you can see: oatmeal, butter, sugar, and some flour.

"Hard" at work.

The oh-so-tasty finished product.

Hank liked them, too. (Monty joined me for the weekend!)

Next cooking project: the tea party.
Karlie's contribution.

Biscuits, whipped cream, and strawberries!
The party.

The last big cooking playtime was a taste of France with both sets of grandparents.
Crepes with chicken and asparagus with Bechamel sauce
Crepes with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries
Chocolate Truffles

Karlie and Hailey wrapped the chicken in the crepes. Kaitlin sprinkled the dessert crepes with the cinnamon and sugar. Whipped cream was everywhere! And the truffles were 100% kid produced. A bit too busy to snap many photos!

Oh Yeah! Finger lickin' good!
Enjoyed by all!

On the tramp. This was a tough one because I know the stats on injuries!
And even limiting the jumping we had our share of bumps and tears.
One at a time. Only safe way to go!
Bikes and trikes. Yes, he did crash.

A sure winner: WATER!!
We had a great time tossing these around in a circle. We had quite a stash!
This is just the beginning.


Dancing to Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses
King for a Day

An Attendant

For Hank, it is all about a train.
A morning train set-up.
A train ride. Two times!!!!!

And a toy train.

And lastly, we played with paper.
Letters for the cousins.

A diorama of Paris with key sites mom and dad were visiting.
We started with La Seine.
And ended with this.

And bedtime.
We read every story of Madeline. The girls delightedly
recognized landmarks that we had made for the diorama.
We also read the Moira Kalman's Max in Love, a delightful
dog who finds poodle love in Paris. Oooh-la-la!
Lucky Mom and Dad in the City of Love!
Right. . . . fast asleep! (Yup, I let them sleep in
Mom and Dad's bed and lugged them down the hall each night.)

Like I said, pretty intense and lots of fun.

Monday, July 12, 2010

An Excuse for Photos

Belated birthday and holiday celebrations took us to John and Cheryl's for a perfect weekend of paella and poker.

Next weekend Monty enjoyed the honor of marrying long time friend Brian and Lori. The practice did make perfect. Great ceremony and terrific party.

The following weekend we went to Camarillo to celebrate Gpa Larry's 92nd! I must have been channeling Gramma Gyda (Larry's mom) as I turned out some of the best lefsa (thin thin thin potato crepe) I have every made, a nostalgic favorite of Larry's.

Next Friday was graduation. It was a snapshot frenzy! I passed out diplomas to seven very accomplished students of mine.

The following day we celebrated the end of school with our first mini run. Crazy fun! Check out the route!

Right on the heels of that was Monty's birthday celebration. We had so much fun I barely picked up the camera. Sleeping nine in this tiny house filled every room! (Well, 10 if you count the treasured fish between the K buddies.) And we can have a big sit down dinner in this little house - Max, Katie, Mom, John, Cheryl, Alex, Stu, Ginnie, Hailey, Karlie, Kaitlin, and the two of us all at one big table. Hurrah!

Then up to Incline Village for the fourth to celebrate with Stu and Ginnie and a passel of their friends.

And just yesterday, Alex, his children, Chase and Zoe, and Iris joined us for a BBQ and a little canoeing at China Camp.

Alex and I padded out to Rat Rock and were rewarded with a view of this guy! An oystercatcher. A first for both of us!

Not bad for the end of school!