Thursday, April 22, 2010


Off to England to see Sam, Heather, Spencer, Owen, Laney and AJ!
This open space stretches all along the horizon right across the street from their house. What is it that makes this seem so very English? The lush green? The gentle swell of the ground? The medieval churches?

We donned our borrowed Wellies and walked through these fields three or four times during the week.

We did a quick tour of the Cotswalds - rightly famous for their beauty - and this "folly," the Broadway Tower, built in 1794 as a lark for Lady Coventry who wondered if she would be able to see the beacon across the valley. She could. The Pre-Raphaelites apparently partied there in the summer. Served also as a retreat for William Morris, a favorite of Anna's and mine. What fun we had there at the end of the day!

That was an irresistible hill to run down. Even for Sam!

We did get into Oxford on this trip. St Mary's was very moving. C.S. Lewis gave his famous "Weight of Glory" lecture there in WWII. Archbishop Cranmer, leader of the English reformation (by helping Henry VIII justify a divorce from Catherine of Aragon) and composer of the Common Book of Prayer was tried for heresy there.

And we did get into London one perfectly rainy day to see the Tower Bridge, stroll the south bank of the Thames, and visit a pub or two.

But mainly, we just wanted to drink in the sights of family.

What shall we do this afternoon?

I know! There's a creek across the street! A dam!

and backyard fun
and baths

and just lolling around.

From Heather's beautiful stuffed salmon en croute for Easter dinner our first night (Heather's well executed plan) to the rather chaotic all-you-can-eat steak on our last night (our plan), what a great time. But can we squeeze in just one last photo before we go? Two?